Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our next big adventrure-homeschool for the win

its been a while since i wrote any blog posts, but i wanted everyone to be able to follow along on our next adventure. The girls and I are taking off tomorrow for a great driving trip. this trip will include visiting with family, visiting with friends, beach time and some great homeschool learning opportunities.

we will spend our first few days visiting family in Washington DC. DC is a perfect place for some learning, we will be visiting some great places including mount vernon, the national zoo, Smithsonian museum of american history, and the national gallery. This will be a great way to start our study of american history.

Then we move on to myrtle beach. This part of the trip was supposed to be 3 moms and 8 kids all hanging out. one of our families had to drop out of the trip due to medical concerns and the hurricane damage. I am sad that they wont be joining us but we will still enjoy it. I do hope that the hurricane cleanup will not hinder our trip and perhaps while there we might even be able to do some good.

lastly we are moving on to the Raleigh/Durham area of north Carolina. our main focus here is to visit with good friends that moved to the area last year. There are also a few really interesting looking science museums in the area that we are looking forward to exploring. ASTC membership museum for the win here, as all the museums we can enter for free,

For those of you interested in cheap travel. Here is a breakdown of my expected costs:

1 night in a hotel during the drive to DC. booked on points.

in DC we are lucky to be staying with our family there. all of our planned activities in DC will be free except the visit to mount vernon(cost $47). Once in DC we will have some transportation costs of about $40.

In myrtle beach we got a condo for $100 and plan on spending our time there enjoying the resort and our time with friends.

In Raleigh/Durham we again have no lodging costs as we are staying with friends. As mentioned above our ASTC membership will cover all of our planned activities excecpt possible add-ons at the museums. I will estimate $20 for this as the girls and i do enjoy Imax movies and planetarium shows we might be able to see while there.

so all in all this trip will be pretty low key and low cost. I have to same Homeschool for the win here as we would not have these types of opportunities without it.

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