Monday, August 17, 2015

Iceland day 5

Today we checked out the Arbaer open air museum. This museum is a collection of buildings you can tour, it reminded me of a small Greenfield village. There were people walking around in period costumes. The building were all open for exploration although you are asked not to touch stuff inside the buildings. There were a few buildings that reminded us of hobbit houses

There were also many animals. The girls made friends with a goat we named Casper (Casper the friendly goat). He followed us around for 20-30 minutes trying to get the girls to pet him more.  When you were not petting him he would whine until you did.

We also found some Icelandic horses and were able to pet them as well. One of these was only 2 weeks old. Of course being typical Days, all the animals was the girl’s favorite part of this museum.

After our nap (oh yes another nap) we headed back to the thermal pool.  These pools have quite the setup. Really nice locker rooms for changing, showers (required before you can swim) and toys in the pool. Showering is a bit awkward for timid Americans as you are required to shower naked before putting on your suit.

They have these pools all over the country and we plan on visiting many as we travel around in the RV because they the girls love their swimming, they are relaxing after a day touring and it will be an easy way to get showers while in the RV.

a few more random pictures as we wandered around

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