Sunday, August 2, 2015

The lesson i apparently can't learn

In one of my first posts, lesson i learned today. I had made a mistake and not added the girls to an upcoming reservation and when i went to do it the flights were sold out. i had to move our flights and pay more points for us to be able to go on this trip. Did i learn my lesson....NOPE

A few weeks ago when we were traveling to St. Louis, I realized when checking in for the flight i did not have a ticket for Emma. No harm as many tickets were still available, and i was able to add her at the last second.

 Again yesterday i realized i had not yet added thee girls to our flights to/from Baltimore. This is our jumping off point for iceland. luckily these flights were not sold out and i was able to add them without an issue. This did cause me some stress though as these were important flights with little flexibility.

Now you may be wondering why we booked our flights without the girls in the first place. Bill and i both have a companion pass on southwest airline and this allows us to take a companion(the kids) for free on any flight we are traveling on. This has been a great benefit to us and has allowed our southwest miles to go twice as far. These tickets do not need to be added until later and there is a benefit to booking them later, if the price goes down they can be adjusted easily before the companion is added.

BUT I NEED TO LEARN TO DO IT EARLIER. so plans don't have to be changed at the last minute.

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