Saturday, August 1, 2015

DFE trip to europe, cast of characters

our big trip to Europe is now 329 days away. Award availability opens up at 330 days. my departure date is not yet available. I am not a patient person by nature so this waiting now is killing me.

I thought as the planning is now getting fully underway i would start by giving a little background on this trip. the proposed dates for the trip are June 24-July 9th. We are visiting London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague.

the cast of characters:

first is me, I have been to Europe once but not to any of these cities, I am planning the entire trip for all 8 of us. I am excited to get to plan all of this but also nervous i wont be able to get frequent flyer flights for all of us, 8 people are a lot of people to try and coordinate.

second is Bill, he has been to Europe a few times but never to any of these cities. he is happy to let me do all the planning.

next is Emma and Leah. They will be 8 when we go. They have never been to Europe before, but will have been to Iceland before we go. Both are excited about these different countries. I think they are most excite about seeing big Ben in London.

My parents, Mike and carol, are also joining us. They have been to Europe once before. This trip was limited to Barcelona.

My nephew Tyler is graduating from high school a few weeks before we go and he is going with us as a graduation celebration. Tyler has never  been outside the united states. When asked where he wanted to go in Europe his answer was " go to some countries and see some stuff" so he will be hard to please.

lastly is Tyler's other grandma, Judy. Judy has never been to Europe and is excited to see all it has to offer.

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