Friday, August 14, 2015

Iceland trip day 1

Our first day was short and sweet. We left the house and drove to flint. On the way we decided we were hungry and decided to grab sonic for dinner. We had never eaten there, but except for the desserts the menu was not interesting, so I would be surprised if we ever go back.
We planned our arrival at the airport a little later than normal, one of the benefits of flying out of such a small airport. We parked close by and walked in. yes I said walked in. no shuttles. We had late B boarding passes for southwest and had a bit of trouble getting seats together for the four of us, but we found acceptable seats.
The flight itself was fine but not very smooth. Started out with turbulence. Later as we were descending the pilot made a very funky turn that made your stomach drop and a few people on the plane screamed. The landing was one of the hardest I had ever had.

During the descent Leah got a bloody nose which caused a little commotion, but we were able to deal with it with no real issues.

After collecting our bags at the airport, we headed to our hotel. The   BWI.  The hotel is very modern looking and clean. Bonus being it was so close to the airport. We were even granted a 4 pm checkout so we can get cleaned up this afternoon after our day in Baltimore before heading back to the airport.

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