Saturday, August 15, 2015

Iceland- days 2 and 3 run together

Since we were staying by the airport, we wanted to get an early start today so we could grab breakfast and make it to the Maryland science center at opening. We also did not want to eat near the science center as they were all expensive and chains.  We asked our uber driver to drop us off in an area near the science center where dining would exist in a neighborhood. He had the perfect plan for us. We found a neat diner place 3 blocks away and had a yummy breakfast. The pancakes were huge!!
We still had a little time before the science center opened, so we walked along the inner harbor and went to the visitor center to watch a short video on the history of Baltimore (realizing how little I knew about this topic).

When the museum opened we headed over there. We were able to get in free due to our university of Michigan museum of natural history annual passes we got last week. The museum was super nice and it was not very busy. The space section was especially interesting to my crew. We had one guide spend a ton of time showing pictures of the surface of different planets and moons. He was even able to show us a live picture of the weather on earth and we saw a tropical storm. The planetarium there was included in the price so we decided to watch a show. It was a typical planetarium show and we all enjoyed it.

After this we hopped on the free shuttle buses that run along the tourist attractions and went to lunch. I had found a restaurant (LCsteamers) know for crabs and was frequented by locals. For the family we ordered 4 large crabs, crab cakes, fried shrimp, French fries (served with vinegar) and Cole slaw. Emma was not in an eating mood and did not like anything but using the hammer. Leah liked the crab but did not care for the crab cakes.  Bill has never been a huge fan of crab cakes but liked the crab. I liked it ALL! Overall I am not sure we would go back for a crab meal again as this meal was expensive and a ton of work

We had enough time after this to clean up and make it to our 4 PM checkout. When we arrived at the airport we realized it’s the smallest international terminal ever. 6 flights a day total. And security did not open for another hour. Luckily they had a decent sitting area just outside of security. Once were able we made it through security quickly (no lines as you can imagine).

We had lounge access in the airport but it did not open until 6 PM.  Our flight started boarding at 6:30 but we were able to go in at 6 and eat a quick light dinner. They had soup, small sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies, and dried fruit. It was a decent spread to fill up on.

Our flight on wow was completely non eventful. A very comfortable flight. On the place we were even able to buy SIM cards for our phone and the shuttle into town. Little sleep was had though and upon landing we were exhausted.

When arriving at our condo, our landlord suggested it was too early for breakfast in the area and suggested the Hilton. We had an enjoyable breakfast but it was $71, ouch. After that we went on a search for a grocery store. We found one but it did not open until 10 so we were stuck waiting an hour. Luckily it was in a mall and had stuff to keep the girls entertained. We bought a few groceries and walked back to our condo that was no available to us for check in. our GPS led us astray and we got a little lost making our way back. Our landlord ended up picking us up.

The rest of our day was napping/resting/ going to bed early. The girls made it to 7 PM though.

Our first day in Iceland was a bit frustrating but not bad. Looking forward to venturing downtown tomorrow.

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