Monday, August 24, 2015

Iceland day 8

We decided to have a later start today as we relaxed for a bit when we first got up and wanted to try and clean some clothes.  I had heard that this was a challenge in Iceland. We found out there was a “laundromat” at the end of the street. I put this in quotes because it was a professional laundry facility and for 2,000 Kroner or about $15 they were willing to dry our already clean clothes that we had hand washed in the RV. We had tried to dry them on the line the night before but somehow even though it did not rain they came down after 3-4 hours wetter then they went up.

So we putzed around town for a bit. Grabbed some lunch and finally was on our way. We were heading to a waterfall called skogafoss. We stumbled across a waterfall named seljalandsfoss. It was on some private person’s property that they have opened up to the public for viewing. This might be my favorite waterfall so far as you could hike completely around it, going behind it. We got very wet doing it but it was such an odd experience to be behind a fairly large waterfall. There were 5-10 other waterfalls off the same cliff face as well.

After this we started looking for a place to nap. We pulled off on a little side information point. This was a really beautiful place and we enjoyed looking around before and after our nap. There was huge cliffs behind us, and a cave dwelling of some sort. There was also 3 really friendly horses that ran right up to you if you were anywhere near the fence.

We did finally make it to skogafoss and this was a very pretty waterfall as well. We were able to get some neat pictures here as we were only a few people there and we got pictures of us alone at the waterfall. This waterfall was 65 Meters tall which is taller than Niagara Falls but much thinner. So way less water flow overall.

We then headed to dyrholaey. There was come beautiful black sand beaches and rock formations here. It was raining and blowing extremely hard while we were here and Bill was the only one who ventured out of the RV to go get pictures. If the weather is better we may stop on the way back through because we could spend more time exploring here.

We ended up in Vik for the night, at a little monument overlooking the ocean. It was blowing and raining pretty well. Luckily the girls are not scared of a little bad weather

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