Monday, August 24, 2015

Iceland Day 7

In the morning we woke up and went and toured gullfoss. This was a very neat and large waterfall. You were allowed to get fairly close to it. It is a 2 tiered waterfall and the total drop was about 35 meters. All the literature compares this to Niagara Falls. I say not even close. The experience overall was very neat as you could get so close and it was not thronged with people.

Next we headed to geysir, to see well geysirs. This is where the word geyser comes from.  They had a geyser (strokkur) that went off every 6-8 minutes. It was pretty big and again you could get close enough to feel the hot water spray when it went off. In the park they also had a very interactive visitor center that had lots of information on geologic activities such as volcanoes, geysirs, and earthquakes. Besides the gesysir they also had lots of steam vents and mud pots.­­­­­­

After this we drove a while into the town of selfloss. We found a parking lot to take a short nap. Then we headed into the pool to let the girls have some free time and bill and I hung out in a wonderful hot tub. The water was warmer and deeper than the kid’s pool so nice for relaxing­­­­. After the swim we used the showers there to get cleaned up and headed on our way.

We decided to drive a little further this night and headed to Hella to spend the night. We checked into a camp ground there. It was simple but allowed us to plug in for the night, refill water and empty the toilet. There was a pretty river that ran through the campground. This ended up being a completely uneventful night and the girls enjoyed being able to run around the campground. Unfortunately there were no other kids to play with.

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