Sunday, August 16, 2015

Iceland day 4

Today was a much less stressful day, full of museums, hot dogs, exploring, napping and swimming.

It was raining pretty hard today when we were leaving so we decided to take a cab to the Reykjavik national museum. When we got there we bought our Reykjavik city cards which covers our museums, buses and pools. This was a small museum but with lots of interesting stuff to look at. It had this great area with stuff for the kids to look at and play with.

We were hungry when leaving so we stopped and had some famous Icelandic hot dogs, and they were very good. The toppings were a little different, one extra choice was fried onions which were really good. It was just a food truck type place, and it was still raining so we went next door and found a table in the hotel to sit for a few minutes dry and eat our hot dogs.

Next we headed to the settlement museum. This one was also small but very interesting and held the girls attention much better. The focus of this one was an old Viking settlement and the museum was built around it.

Next we navigated the bus system for the first time. It was not all that hard and we even did it 2 more times this afternoon. They have an app to help you route the buses and it worked pretty well.
As you will read, we like naps on vacation. Makes the girls last a little longer in the day and well bill and I just enjoy them.  So this afternoon we napped.

After our nap we visited one of the many geothermic pools in Iceland. It was odd to be swimming when the outside temperature was 50, but it was very comfortable in the pools. Surprisingly it was very busy. They had waterslides, and lots of other pool toys. It was still raining while we were there and the rain was very cold on our heads and we kept having to go under water to warm up.

Below are a few random pictures of a few interesting sights we saw while wandering today. Reykjavic is a beautiful city. All the picture show the gloomy weather we were having all day

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