Wednesday, July 22, 2015

where to go this time?

I am starting to plan a trip for spring break 2016.  I have it narrowed down to two choices. Mexico or Ireland?

For Mexico we would fly into Cancun and stay at an all-inclusive resort. This is an extremely relaxing trip and the girls love being able to go to the bar at the resorts and order drinks. We were also planning on doing a swim with the dolphin’s excursion on this trip as the girls are finally old enough. We have been on a few AI trips including a short one in December of this year
For Ireland I don’t have an itinerary worked out yet but I know it would include a few days in Dublin and one or two other cities. This trip includes interesting things to see, do and eat.  This would be my girl’s first trip to Europe but we are also going to Europe in June of 2016.

My struggle is pure enjoyment (Mexico) versus the unique and interesting aspect of traveling to a new place.

How do you make this decision when it concerns where to travel on your vacations? and what would your vote be for us and why?

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