Tuesday, July 21, 2015

slow start but picked up this week

I know I have been quiet lately but it’s been pretty busy. Last week was my first week on my new path. I had a ton of family commitments and kept plugging away at manufactured spending. I made it through about 15K last week. Not horrible but not great.

Yesterday I was able to pick up my game a bit as I had no other commitments and I made it through $9400. On top of that I also was happy to sell 3 things out of my amazon inventory. This made for a rather successful day. This included stops at various drug stores for acquiring gift cards, then target, Meijer and Walmart for getting rid of them.

Today I have ventured into Ann Arbor for a doctors apt. I am using this as an opportunity to eat lunch with a good friend and hit a few different locations of stores down here.  I am also looking into another option of buying gift cards at the mall. I will post more about how that goes in another post.

From a travel planning perspective I am currently working on two trips. I am doing the final planning for our trip to Iceland next month. Another trip I will probably be talking a lot about is I am planning a large family trip to Europe for next June. There are eight of us going and this will pose great challenges with booking award travel for such a large group. I am assuming we will not all be able to travel together but still coordinating this will be a challenge. Our plan is to visit London, Amsterdam, berlin and Prague. 

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