Wednesday, May 13, 2015

girls trip planning

the girls and i have been talking about what we want to do for our annual girls trip for 2016. this year we decided to be a bit more adventurous. after much deliberation we decided to try an immersive spanish school in central america.  i checked out schools in nicaragua, guatemala and costa rica.

my girls really wanted to go to nicaragua, because they want to swim in laguna de apoyo. so we decided on one in nicaragua.

lodging, meals and activities are included in the price on top of spanish classes. this made the option attractive to me as i was a bit apprehensive about traveling somewhere so far without bill.

I booked our flights today, and reserved a room at the school.

the girls and i am very excited about the whole trip

Monday, May 4, 2015

Peru for under $2500

I started the point/miles game a 1.5 years ago. we quickly earned the points i was looking for so decided to try out our new miles on our first big trip. thus the planning began for our 2 week trip to peru. we visited lima, Ica, cusco, urubamba and of course machu picchu. We Flew First class and all this cost us under $2,500 for the four of us. In following blog entries i will publish a trip report as well as explain how this trip only cost this small amount of money.