Thursday, January 29, 2015

Who are we?

I have had a lot of people recently interested in all the travels my family and i are doing and how we are doing it, so i decided to start this blog to share this information with anyone that may be interested. I will talk about where we are traveling(reviews and trip reports), how we get our miles/points(credit cards and manufactured spend methods I use) and share my love of planning travel.

So first off all who are we. my name is Clarissa and I am married to a wonderful man(Bill) who supports my crazy travel planning obsession. We have 2 6 year old girls(Emma and Leah) who love to travel and at this point have already been on 24 trips. As the girls are getting older our vacations are getting more interesting. The girls would be upset if i did not include our 2 Dogs, Athena and Chewie in our family introduction. although of course they do not travel with us.

I have always loved to travel but did not always have the means to travel often. Once i got married we started traveling some, but since i have discovered using miles and points we have the ability to travel to much more far flung and interesting places. Now vacation time is our biggest issue.

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